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LIPROFOOD is a subsidiary of the Fuite Group, a family-owned group of companies. The companies in the group are all managed by members of the Fuite family. Recently, the fifth generation of the Fuite family has joined the Fuite Group. The history of Fuite tells the story of a thriving family business with deep roots in the north of the Netherlands. In 1906, Helmich Fuite founded a milling company for bakery and animal feed applications called ‘Gebrs. Fuite’, located in Genemuiden. Over a period of more than 100 years, it has grown from a small milling company into a group of companies focused at food and feed ingredients and final products. Although much has changed since then, the business spirit has remained the same and is characterized by professional simplicity.


The mission of LIPROFOOD is to be a reliable partner within the food industry with focus at quality, innovation and flexibility.

Our vision is to become your food innovator for creative and innovative concepts based at our fat powders. Professional and straight forward.

Liprofood B.V.

Midden Engweg 13
3882 TS Putten
The Netherlands 

+31 (0)341 – 439885